The process of creating a movie site on CinemaPress ACMS

01 Domain

Register the domain name of your site. More...

02 Server

Rent a VPS server Debian 8/9 x64 (1Gb). More...

03 Install

Enter the data in the «Quick Install». More...

04 Import

Import a movie information database. More...

Quick Install CinemaPress ACMS


A series of video tutorials on the creation and promotion of a movie site

Choosing and registering a domain

This question is quite important, because «As you call the ship, so it will sail.» Therefore, in order to correctly understand which domain name is suitable for a movie site and where it is better to buy it, you need to study several articles that We have prepared for you.


Choosing and buying a VPS server

The approach to choosing a VPS should be based on many factors, which include server location, price, support, etc. The articles that we have compiled for you will answer all questions on this issue.

Installing CinemaPress ACMS

To install CinemaPress ACMS you need to enter data from the server in the «Quick Install» block, wait 10 minutes and the site is ready. Or connect to the server via SSH and execute just one installation command that will complete all the settings and at the end you will have a completely ready site.


Add all movies to the site

After installing CinemaPress ACMS, there will be 150 films on the site, thanks to which you can fully understand how the system works, customize the display of films on the main page and in categories, change the URL, etc. If you do not want to add movies manually, you can add all movies in the world automatically.

Design theme «hodor»

Template «hodor»

Design theme «sansa»

Template «sansa»

Design theme «robb»

Template «robb»

Design theme «ramsay»

Template «ramsay»

Design theme «tyrion»

Template «tyrion»

Design theme «cersei»

Template «cersei»

Design theme «joffrey»

Template «joffrey»

Design theme «drogo»

Template «drogo»

Design theme «bran»

Template «bran»

Design theme «arya»

Template «arya»

Design theme «mormont»

Template «mormont»

Design theme «tarly»

Template «tarly»

Design theme «daenerys»

Template «daenerys»

Is CinemaPress ACMS better than a movie site on DLE, WordPress, MTDb?

The main advantage over all scripts/engines is automatic setup and installation, ready-made base of films, self-updating, as well as due to the lack of DBMS, higher speed and site performance.

Mobile version

Thanks to the mobile version of the module, you will receive in the test «Mobile Friendly» a score of 100 points and a position in the search for mob. users will be higher.

Clean code

CinemaPress ACMS is written in NodeJS and every step is commented, therefore if you have knowledge you can change it for yourself.

Admin panel

Through the intuitive administrative part of the site, you can change any parameter and customize the site to fit your requirements.


You can install on your website any of the ready-made templates, the list of which we try to replenish every month or more.


We have prepared articles for you at each stage of creating the site, as well as have all the detailed information about working with CinemaPress ACMS.


System development has not stopped for the past 4 years of work. You can follow the development on GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Coding.